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2018 Original Michael Page Italia Lete In Specifications
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VHS was the means by which many a trash classic was made in the '80s. Films that theaters seemed ashamed to screen would enjoy a second life on video store shelves, their garish, tasteless covers beckoning to pubescent thrill seekers. 1988's Night of the Demons is one of the best examples of that phenomenon its box featured a prom queen from hell, red eyed and leering, warning that this film was too scary for Freddy and MK Outlet Jason! For its 30th anniversary, the Hollywood has unearthed a 35mm print and invited its star, horror icon Linnea Quigley, to answer questions from a crowd packed full of people formatively scarred by its foul mouth (this film taught 11 year old me "fuck" could be placed into bowls and eaten, which was a mindblowing approach to profanity at that age) its ample gore, and its still somewhat transgressive feel.
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