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 solid wood flooring wholesale
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 Daily floor cleaning tips
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windows and other openings surrounding
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<p>not less than 8 per square meter walls, arranged by plum-type. After the bottom anti-cracking mortar paste or paste the steel mesh, the nail plate anchors the steel mesh. 7, plastering the construction of phenolic board wipe surface construction: After the installation of phenolic board inspection is completed, crack mortar plaster surface construction, plastering the use of the bottom and surface plastering two hair </p>
<p>construction. According to design requirements in the need to paste and hang steel wire mesh insulation board surface smear an area of ??about greater than the width of the steel mesh cracking mortar, mortar thickness of 3mm, the laying of the steel mesh on it, the mesh inward convex, Anchor and then anchored, and then use the trowel from the middle of the wire mesh to smooth with a spatula, making it close to the </p>
<p>surface of the bottom crack mortar. After the completion of the steel mesh pavement pass inspection, crack in the bottom of the cracked mortar plastering surface mortar. Intermittent cracking mortar plastering construction should be in the expansion joints, yin and yang angle, Taiwan and other natural off to Taiwan, in order to facilitate subsequent lap construction. No pause on continuous walls. Surface mortar should not </p>
<p>resist heat wood fence supplier<br />
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