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Shigatse highway branch maintenance workers war wind and snow keep alive
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<P>March 10 to March 12, Xigaze Road Branch West line maintenance section of the national highway 318,216,349 line even heavy rain, especially Nyalam conservation section jurisdiction Tongla mountain to county road section of the average snow thickness of 90 Cm, Nie Zhang line section of the snow thickness of 1.8 meters; Kaga highway maintenance section, Lazi road maintenance section of the jurisdiction of the same suffered the impact of wind and snow,asphalt crack repair specifications the average wall thickness of 40 cm thick road.</P>
<p>March 11 at 7 pm snow slowed down, Kaga highway maintenance section, Lazi road maintenance section immediately start rescue Pao plan, and actively take measures to organize machinery, personnel clean up the road snow, eradicate the road icing, spreading non-slip Expected to grab the industrial salt, to carry out the robbery; Nie La wood conservation section of the group to see the snow to slow down, at 9:00 on March 12 immediately organized machinery,cutting table sewing room personnel to carry out snow work, due to snow line long, thick snow Snow work has brought great difficulties, fighting in the first line of Pantone staff to carry forward not rely on the fine style, war snow, fighting cold, security smooth. March 12 17:56 on the initial grab K5257-K5345 (Tongla mountain to the county) section, at 14:40 on March 14 successfully grab the K5345-K5363 (Nyalam County to camphor) sections, smooth across the board The.</p>
<p>Controlled Kaka Highway Maintenance Section State Road 349, State Road 216 line at 12:00 on March 12 to lift traffic control; Lazi road maintenance section of the territory of Kala River K5080-K5083 section at 12:00 on March 12 to lift traffic control, As the territory of the city is still affected by the wind and snow, resulting in serious road surface icing, the traffic police department in the March 12 to 20 at 13 o'clock on March 13 to implement the traffic control. According to statistics, the heavy snow rescue Pao,average cost to asphalt driveway Xigaze Road Branch put a total of 61 sets of rescue Panton Machinery, 154 staff, clean up 744480 cubic meters of snow, the road ice 30,900 cubic meters, spreading non-slip material 350 cubic meters, industrial Salt 59.4 tons, rescue trapped vehicles 191, 632 people.</p>
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