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Waterproof Coatings
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<p>Status and Development Trend of Waterproof coating concept and classification waterproof coating concept building waterproof coating. (Referred to as waterproof coating) is a building azek deck storage kit waterproof material. The coating alone or with the carcass reinforcement material, layered brushing or spraying in the need for water treatment of the base surface, you can at room temperature to form a continuous seamless overall and has a certain thickness of the coating waterproof layer, which can To meet the industrial and civil construction of the roof, basement, bathroom and external walls and other parts of the waterproof impermeable requirements.</p><p> Waterproof coating is generally made of asphalt, synthetic polymer, synthetic polymer and asphalt, synthetic polymer and cement or can synthetic deck lumber be used to build fences Singapore inorganic composite materials as the main film-forming material, mixed with the right amount of paint, additives, solvents and other processing Made of solvent-based, water-emulsion or reactive type</p><p> at room temperature without fixed shape of the viscous liquid or liquefied solid powder state containing polymer composite materials. Classification of waterproof coating According to the coating of high quality composite cedar siding panels the base material and dispersion media classification Waterproof coating according to its film can be divided into asphalt, high polymer modified asphalt (also known as rubber asphalt), synthetic polymer (can be divided into Synthetic resin, synthetic rubber), inorganic, polymer cement and other wpc vinyl flooring sale price in Singapore five categories. According to its state and form, can be divided into solvent-based, reactive type, emulsion type 3 categories.</p>
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