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quantity of lumber
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Solid hold exam content: The check quantity of lumber dimension, computation and record, and the identifying of log grade; Lumber standard sample identifies,ghana porcelain tiles company and prices the test of nuncupative annatto moisture content, density and computational method; The tree of annatto furniture is planted identify. Personnel of be in charge of an examination still concerns a problem to undertake rejoining assessing to student.

In relief city obtains lumber to examine east the student of professional qualification certificate, be lumber inspection man is engaged in making in Dong Yang old,where can i buy high density polyethylene wood have rich practice experience, it is the technical backbone in annatto enterprise. At the same time they attended complete province lumber to examine professional skill grooms class, after grooming through theory study, real operation, in hold assessment through academic exam, fact, after universal supply white vinly fence obtaining eligible result, obtain corresponding lumber to examine certificate of national profession qualification.

According to Vietnam " Vietnam news " on October 24 message, bruno Anrelai of ambassador of European Union delegacy (Bruno Angelet) last week 5 express after talking with Vietnam forestry bureau, vietnam and European Union export the negotiation between lumber and wood to predict wood plastic composite price in singapore to will be in to Europe about expanding the end of the year is finished this year.
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