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Discus: What's the smartest thing to do within the first few weeks of FIFA
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Post is unread #1 Jul 12, 2016, 8:59 am
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JoinedJun 18, 2016

Theame: What would be the smartest economical move to do after FUT 17 is released? Do you have some ideas? let me know. And if you want to buy fifa 17 coins, welcome to our site.


Build two cheap concept squads before Fifa 17 comes out and try to just buy that two teams, save any coins you got additional to that. With two teams you wont need any fitness cards.

If you want to buy fifa points, do it right on release day (or in 16 and transfer them), the cards lose their value pretty fast. Try to get as much coins out of your consumables, kits and players. Even if a special kit wont get sold immediatly, listing it again and again can get you like 140 coins

I would recommend playing the offline tournaments once to get the prizes, then start playing online. 10-20 offline games will help you a lot since every fifa got some new op things and a different gameplay. Better do everything achievable which is not Online seasons first, even if you just start playing Divisions some hours/days later, you gonna get weaker opponents. That being said, Divisions is still the mode in which you get the most coins, so dont try to win the same cup again and again.

In general, build and think about your teams first, every time you sell your team and build another one you might lose some coins due to EA-Taxes.

NEVER buy packs with coins!

Don't try to go for fresh cards, you wont use them forever and always look at the contracts/chemstyle/position of your cards

Trading is always an option, but at the beginning its risky. Noone can predict how the market is going to change and some trading mechanics of fifa 16 won't work in 17.
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