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FIFA 17: Online Tactical Advice
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Post is unread #1 Jul 8, 2016, 7:17 am
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JoinedJun 18, 2016

So as of right now, I have played about 50 online seasons games and I've made it to division 6. I've played Real Madrid or Barcelona probably 39 times. After two losses when buying the game, I've managed to contain the simplistic gameplan of passing the ball to Messi/Ronaldo/Suarez 100 times a game and won probably 30 out of 35 games - but now I've hit my limit and am back to losing 3-0 with 3 Messi goals every game. What are some good tactics to counter this? And I have spend much money buying fifa 17 coins.

I run a 4-4-2 with Borussia Dortmund with the two CDM's adjusted back a bit - those two and the four defenders all set to stay back on the attack and everything under custom tactic defense is at 55.

Another win and I'm in div four. It's been too many hours and tbh, not fun getting here. I can sympathise and I have to say it doesn't get better. Spam throughball to the wing, cut in across by-line and your fullback and cb part like the red sea, keeper beaten at near post. I see that bloody blue Real Madrid kit in my sleep.

Tactics didn't help, different team or cbs didn't help. I learnt to defend. I still get burnt but it's becoming rarer to get beaten by Real Madrid/Barca sweat.

If you can't beat all the advanced defending challenges with a high score, learn. They are frustrating and obtuse but start with one button 'x' and learn how it works when defending. Don't use anything else at first no standing tackle, just close down. My problem was I was always trying too much, r2, circle, l2, x.... ahhhhh.

The animation feels very random at first but learn one button action at a time and you will eventually start to feel the positioning and timing of the animation. The side effect is that your offensive play improves, as you can see those clumsy lunges coming. So do the advanced defensive challenges, they are boring and frustrating but no time on that mode is wasted.

One small tip you should be able to find a spot when you push the stick towards the player you're tackling and holding x, that you stand your ground and the other player runs into you . The basic defense challenge where they come at you from 4 directions can be done only with x and is good for learning this tackle. If you get the angle wrong you'll bounce around to the back of the player, as if he has a forcefield around him (a common animation when trying to defend the cut in). There's a sweet spot and it is sweet when you rob those sweaters.
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