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com), who do bathrobes, loungewear and boxer underwear (Joe Boxer, joeboxer
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Mattel fought back in court, alleging theft of intellectual property vintage evening dress and since then, Bratz’s market share has virtually disappeared. But that hasn’t helped Barbie, whose market share has dropped to about 21%, from about 50% in 2007, Mr.

Muller said.Zombie (simplified)– 3/4 oz. fresh lime juice-1 oz. white grapefruit juice– 1/2 oz. cinnamon-infused sugar syrup*– 1/2 oz.

151-proof rum, e.g. Bacardi– 1 oz. dark Jamaican rum, e.

g. Newfoundland ScreechIndividual tickets cost $500. Tables ranged from $5,000 to $30,000. A live auction was planned. But Aimee wasn’t thinking about that. Aimee was thinking: “I am so nervous I can’t eat.”In the media campaign of Cyrus’s “blossoming sexuality,” a stream of sex-shock that began with her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, all the names, the eras, have been checked to ensure proper context: Madonna pushed the envelope on the MTV Video Music Awards in 1984, rolling around in a wedding dress and cross, Britney Spears pushed it further, kissing Madonna full on the mouth at the 2003 VMAs.This was updated in October 2014 with the following passage: “Be aware that gang involvement or gang insignia will not be tolerated on school sites or WSD property.”The same modern approach to clothing is what engaged Patricia Mears and Bruce Boyer, co-authors of Elegance in the Age of Crisis (Yale University Press), to more closely?study the groundbreaking technical and aesthetic innovations of the 1930s. Here, women’s fashion is covered by Mears, the deputy director of the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and other essayists in the book and noted formal evening dresses menswear writer and historian Boyer examines the legacy of 1930s suiting.There’s a few weird parts about this. The principal certainly has the right to deny any student the right to make a public address during school hours. But does that same right extend to blocking a student from distributing a leaflet, that he printed up himself, during his lunch hour? Does the school board intend to take the position that it has veto rights over any form of written communication its students may wish to distribute, during their own time and at their own expense, on school property? Would such extend to include Christmas cards or birthday invitations?Spare change: If you’re not going to roll your coins, take it to a change machine, often in a grocery store, to get the cash back. It doesn’t do any good just sitting in a jar, Johnson said.“These are absolutely some of the most horrendous crimes,” Judge Rooke said during the three-hour sentencing hearing Wednesday. “It’s difficult to put into words the revulsion of society and of this court.”When asked who they would choose for a romantic night out, Frenchwomen did not rank Frenchmen at all — surprisingly, given my home nation’s reputation when it comes to all things amoureuse. Our most desirable lovers were neither the smooth Italians (our third choice), nor the fiery Spaniards (second) — but the unassuming British.WHO Lost Girl’s Anna Silk and Ksenia SoloWHERE Grace, 503 College St.WHEN July 9, 2011ON ORDER Anna: Peppermint tea, $3.75; Ksenia: Pimm’s sexy evening dresses cup, $12, Butterscotch toffee pudding with homemade Skor bits, $9He wanted to know why, as Azer had told him, she didn’t take care of her children. He also wanted to know whether she would move to Sulaymaniyah for the sake of the kids.LONDON — How many monarchists and how many of the curious will show up when Prince William and Kate reveal their baby to the world from the balcony of Buckingham Palace for the first time?We have freedom of speech in Canada, but that comes with the responsibility of not disseminating hate propaganda, which is something that is prohibited by the Criminal Code. We also have freedom of association, and the TSO has and should have the right to disassociate itself from whomever it chooses. With Ms. Lisitsa, the TSO made the right decision.Olena Wawryshyn, Toronto.For details, I called Jeff Farbstein, Harry Rosen’s vice-president and general merchandise manager, who has been with the retailer 34 years. He’s certainly seen the manufacturing landscape change in that time, but some of the best garments in production today have been around since well before he started.

There’s Dion neckwear (dionneckwear.com), a family business based in Concord, Ont., that supplies what are called furnishings — silk ties and other menswear accessories (as does Braemore, since 1937, braemoreties.com). There’s also Caulfeild Apparel (caulfield.com), who do bathrobes, loungewear and boxer underwear (Joe Boxer, joeboxer.com) and a few golf lines for department stores and retailers.

com), who do bathrobes, loungewear and boxer underwear (Joe Boxer, joeboxer
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