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You simply had to mention Venezuela and I was out the door
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The site went online in 2006, but it wasn’t until party dresses for juniors WikiLeaks’ April release of footage of a 2007 U.S.

military Apache helicopter attack that it became a household name. WikiLeaks went on to publish countless classified documents; satires of the leaked cables served to prove the site’s notoreity. Its latest dump, of U.S. diplomatic cables, is said to include some quarter-million documents. Now, WikiLeaks’ founder, Julian Assange, rivals the site for name recognition and was even the subject of a leak of his own — of confidential Swedish police files that detail the rape charges laid against Assange.

Jonathan Kay has it wrong. Glenn Beck’s focus on billionaire George Soros is the opposite of anti-Semitic. George was born a Jew and posed as a Christian while confiscating goods from other Jews who were being shipped off to the gas chambers. In his own words, George felt no guilt about it. He has only criticism for Israel and does not contribute to any Jewish causes because he feels it is not necessary. One can only speculate that George incorporated the toxic Nazi propaganda in his formative years in Hungary which would explain his desire to distance himself from his Jewish roots.Glenn Beck is a mensch — George Soros is not. Diane Lavi, Thornhill, Ont.While on track on a warm May night, Sterling and Thomason spot a woman on 93rd Street who they are surprised to see: she’d taken some steps to leave the street. Thomason pulls over and asks her why she’s out.CANADAIn 2007, Elections Canada ruled that veiled women can cast ballots. Prime Minister Stephen Harper said he “profoundly disagrees” with the decision to allow Muslim women to vote with their faces covered by burqas or niqabs. A month later, the Conservative government red party dresses for juniors introduced a bill to overturn the Elections Canada decision. But, by June 2009, the government announced it was no longer pursuing the legislation, citing “other priorities” and a lack of opposition support. Later that same year, the Muslim Canadian Congress called on the federal government to introduce legislation that would ban face-covering veils such as the burqa and niqab altogether. The congress argued that the veils pose a security risk, and represent Islamic extremism.In accepting the honour, singer Jim Cuddy looked to be having a hard time keeping his emotions in check. The true measure of success is in the room,” he said. “All the friends I see out there, and that I know are watching. We always felt supported and appreciated in this country and are extremely grateful to make music.”“The photographer put down his equipment and tried to save her. He grabbed her with his hands,” said provincial police spokesman, Sgt. Ronald McInnis. “[One witness] tried to help, but they couldn’t save her.There was a time when I kept an old-school style train case packed and at the ready. You simply had to mention Venezuela and I was out the door. Fellow travellers recognized me as an expert packer: evening gowns, hiking boots, igloo carving knife — natch.The relationship goes beyond Realpolitik. Putin, a macho judo master, and Kadyrov, a gruff red-head with a penchant for boxing, have developed a close personal relationship. Kadyrov has issued a stream of adulatory statements, calling himself Putin’s “foot soldier” and launching diatribes at the West and Putin’s domestic opponents. And with Kadyrov’s apparent blessing, Chechens have poured into eastern Ukraine to fight alongside pro-Russian rebels.1984Sherry KeanBefore: Kean featured in a band called The cheap party dresses Sharks, two of whose other founding members — Bazil Donovan and Cleave Anderson — would go on to join Blue Rodeo. Shortly after, she released her first album, People Talk (1984), whose single “I Want You Back” was a Top 30 hit in Canada.After: Baxter released a second album, Maverick Heart, in 1987, and then disappeared. As of October 2013 she was working as a tour guide at the McCulloch Heritage Centre in Pictou, Nova Scotia.

Investors in gold funds, whose value slumped a record US$44.7-billion in the second quarter,?may do better in the second half of the year if history is any guide.?Gains averaged 1.3% in the second half from 1981 to 2000, when gold endured a two-decade bear market, data compiled by Bloomberg show. First-half losses averaged 3.9% in the period. Investors sold 404.4 metric tons from exchange-traded products backed by the metal in the second quarter as prices tumbled into a bear market in April.?Gold is poised for the first annual drop in 13 years after some investors lost faith in the metal as a store of value. The rout already strengthened demand for jewelry and coins around the world and the second half of the year usually sees gains in physical demand for wedding seasons and religious festivals in Asia, including India and China, the biggest buyers.

?“The physical trend has always been very seasonal,” said Bernard Sin, the head of currency and metal trading at MKS (Switzerland) SA, a bullion refiner in Geneva. “Physical players are a different breed. They are always buying on the dip. Physical support will continue to be present and it will definitely trigger interest.”

You simply had to mention Venezuela and I was out the door
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