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“There’s always a risk any time you leave your house, let alone leave C
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“I never felt unsafe,” says Mian, who won bronze in mother of the groom dresses the 48-kilogram class at the Olympic dress rehearsal. “There’s always a risk any time you leave your house, let alone leave Canada. Last week, I was in Rio and it was the Zika virus. I head to the Ukraine on Tuesday and there’s been a lot of political unrest there in the last year. We understand those risks, and we just take the appropriate steps to minimize them.”The idea is to minimize lag time between a show’s initial success and its follow-up season. The new titles begin their rollout on May 10: Love Hunters, Wedding Dress Wars, My Teenage Wedding and Make Me Over, Make Me Under. You can probably deduce what each is about.The trend continues.?At Haute Couture in Paris this week, Dior showed heels, but also rubber-soled mesh slip-on flats that recalled surfer swim shoes, albeit couture-coordinated with paillettes, sequins and embroideries.“Some things were impossible for a person to contemplate and still want to live,” remarks Lynn, the narrator of Alix Ohlin’s debut novel, The Missing Person. A directionless graduate student reluctantly at home in Albuquerque for the summer, Lynn’s glibly referring here to her widow mother’s new habit of sharing a toothbrush with David, a married man.As for the single player game, Team Ninja isn’t really offering much beyond the usual survival, tag and score matches that have come with console fighting games since Sub-Zero met vintage mother of the bride dresses Scorpion.Re: Tories Firm In Plan To Scale Back Pensions, Feb. 3.Free trade, privatization, deregulation and lower corporate taxes were supposed to make us prosperous and preserve our social programs. Instead, seniors’ pensions are under attack as part of a wider program of cutbacks and austerity in a fragile economy. We don’t need to change the Old Age Security — we need to change captains, and get one who doesn’t steer us on to a reef.

Larry Kazdan, Vancouver.The hand-printed Random Harvest collection comes from Mr. Haslam’s life’s work — he’s been in the business since 1972 and founded his luxury architectural design firm in the 1980s, so there’s much to draw upon. He’s told much of it in his 2009 memoir, Redeeming Features, everything from being bedridden with polio as a child to living in Arizona as a cowboy and spending summers at a ranch on the Athabasca River in Alberta to his affair with Roddy Llewellyn, who later became entwined with Princess Margaret. Of all things, he says he appreciates beauty — “the unforgiveable sin is blandness” — and that sitting next to model Kate Moss gives him whiplash.

I wrote to one of my friends: I hope I didn’t say anything embarrassing or stupid. He wrote back to tell me that yes I did “say many stupid and embarrassing things” but he didn’t elucidate and I am too mother of the bride evening dresses embarrassed to write back and ask, well, what?In the Philippines, where many are recovering from devastation from a recent typhoon, health officials have hit upon a successful way to stop revelers from setting off huge illegal firecrackers that maim and injure hundreds of Filipinos each year.For the nearly three decades of Mubarak’s rule, roads were paved and flowers were planted for Suzanne’s arrivals — sometimes just temporarily while she briefly visited a university or a park — at the cost of thousands of dollars.

Although I did not participate in the 2011 SlutWalk, I have been involved in Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues. I do not judge the women who want to reclaim the word “slut,” just as I do not judge others seeking to distance themselves from the term. Language can be very powerful and I recognize that our social mores are shaped not only by culture, but also through individual experiences.

So when some Tunisian lawmakers recently suggested women should be described in the constitution as “complementary” to men, people took to the streets and the constitution is now slated to use the word “equal” instead.“They were leaning on the bar drinking pints in their grimy raincoats,” Ms. Rimington recalls. “I started to chat up a guy who was obviously surprised and thought my profession was something else!”

“There’s always a risk any time you leave your house, let alone leave Canada
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