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Potential Warning of Compromise

Hey there, as has been pointed out by a helpful user, there was an exploit through one of the sites scripts that would allow for SQL injection. What this means is that potentially an entire copy of the database could have been compromised and obtained.

While this isn't as critical for your characters as it's just character data, I'm warning as your email addresses along with your password hashes could also potentially be leaked through this as well, and if you do not have a particularly strong password, hashes can be broken and your password can be exposed.

For your security I would suggest updating your passwords, and if needed increasing the complexity, as people are aware you should use different passwords for different services, but in the case you're using a global password associated with multiple logins to different sites, I would suggest also updating those passwords for the sake of security.

I apologize for the inconvenience though as we know, these things happen.

Thanks to the user who pointed out the vulnerability, and let me know if you find any more!

(Also for users peace of mind, the exploit has been patched, and I'm also in the midst of changing the actual database settings to better protect you as well)


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Posted by: Faye Jul 27, 2011, 10:40 pm

Hosting and Books!

First of all, you'll notice I removed the ads. This was for a number of reasons, though even with the heavy traffic of the site the ads weren't offsetting my hosting costs in any manageable way, so instead of annoying you guys with them continuously I decided to make the move and just get rid of them all together.

If you're wanting to help keep the site running consider Donating:

The other way you can help, seeing as I know not a lot of people want to throw away their hard earned money on something they can get for free, or services they may be able to find elsewhere, I offer another solution! I have opened a new website where I'm going to start selling books from my library (which is quite extensive, I have a few hundred books still to be added) and if you want to help support this website, you can do so by perhaps buying some of my books from my new website at:


Any profit there will be applied to my hosting costs so we can keep the site up and running. Any excess will most likely be dumped into getting some new features, tools, and services for the website to offer you.

Also as I mentioned before, I will now be providing hosting for anyone wishing to host their Gaming related sites! I've decided on the following:
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Storage
something.dndsheets.net subdomain
SQL Databases
PHP/Perl/Python/CGI/Ruby Support
@dndsheets.net email addresses for you, and potentially your users.
SVN/CVS Repositories if needed.

This will be something free from me to you my awesome users, just toss me an email and I'll hook you up.

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Posted by: Faye Feb 28, 2011, 1:26 am

Been a long time since any news!

Just wanted to let you know I'm still alive. Barely.

In any case I've still been working on the site (Most likely not any big changes you'll notice except trying to keep the pathfinder SRD links up to date), mostly backend stuff and a backup system in the awful event something should happen all your wonderful characters shall be safe as pie!

Other than that, you'll notice one more ad displayed on character sheets, and I'm sorry for this but with complete lack of funding and me being completely broke I'm trying desperately to offset my hosting costs so we can all keep playing and having fun. (That donation button is still in the top right there ;))

I'm also thinking about providing hosting for those with dedicated games and wish to expand their playerbase, or just need a home for a nifty webpage. The hosting would give you a database, a something.dndsheets.net subdomain, PHP/Perl/Python/CGI/Ruby access, an @dndsheets.net email address, and if you're a developer looking to host your own Gaming tools or projects, you could also set up your own SVN or CVS Repository. (Other idea might be a Wiki for your game, who knows?!)

And I'll provide this all forrrrr *drumroll* .... FREE! (Donations accepted of course, or you could be nice and put one of my ads somewhere on your site)

If you're interested in any of this or all of this glory, toss me an email to faye@dndsheets.net or send me a mail here!

Also if you're wanting any other tools hosted (Whiteboards etc) feel free to ask about those as well!

Thanks for your continued use of the site, and you evil people should use the forums more darnit!


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Posted by: Faye Feb 8, 2011, 11:44 pm

Super Awesome Contest #1!

I've decided that I'm going to start running contests, most will be related to D&D or Roleplaying in some fashion. While to start there aren't going to be any fabulous prizes, it is something I'm planning on implementing in the future. There will be more information on this to follow.

On the subject of Super Awesome Contest #1:
It's no great secret I'm artistically challenged as a rabid monkey trying to throw poo at a dinosaur, and seeing as I would like to look good as I start rolling out a lot of the new tools and features I've been working on the last while, contest #1 is going to be simple!

Design and make a DnDSheets Logo/Banner! I'm not the only one who cringes every time the page loads and I see that ugly excuse for a logo in the top left, so I appeal to your guys artistic talents!

I'm looking for two formats, banners and a simple smaller box logo. The banner size will preferably be 980x120, and the box logo 120x120, also the banner must contain the text DnDSheets which must be visible, and box logos must contain at least the text DnD.

I will choose the best few banners and set them to rotate on the header of the page as well as give you credit, as well as choose the best box logo and display that prominently as well.

Don't expect amazing or outstanding prizes for the first contest as to be honest I don't really have any right now, but I'll definitely try and get you something for your efforts.

All submissions can be sent through email to contest@dndsheets.net

I know there are a LOT of you guys out there USING the site, but I'd really like to establish more of a community, see if we can't get people on the forums and start getting some dialog and resources going.

The duration of the contest is still up in the air, I'll update you guys on that later and give some notice. If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask away and send me a message or email.

Can't wait to see what you guys come up with.

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Posted by: Faye Oct 18, 2010, 9:39 am

Auto Login Loop

It seems a few people have been getting stuck in an endless loop while clicking on the character sheets link and attempting to automatically login to the Sheet Manager. I'm currently looking into the cause but ways you can avoid this are:

Make sure your username and password are the same for the forum AND the sheet manager.

If you're getting stuck and need a direct link to the sheet manager so that you can bypass this issue here they are:

Sheet Login
Sheet Register

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Posted by: Faye Sep 18, 2010, 11:04 pm

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